Califa Witsch

Digital Media Producer


Califa is a Sonoma County native who grew up in the Healdsburg countryside. In her teen years she was inspired to learn video fundamentals and loved acting in the Healdsburg High School drama department. Her love for theater carried on throughout college, where she majored in “Social Documentary” at UC Santa Cruz. During this time she got her feet wet as a post-production assistant for the harrowing Peabody winning HBO documentary ‘Baghdad ER’ (Alpert 2006). Califa worked for Access Healdsburg TV teaching the community how to use cameras to create their own media, programming and creating local content, including sports events, as well as managing the station for a time. She produced and edited the feature documentary ‘Straight White Male’ (Erlendson 2011) which tells the story of two young transgender men and their journey across the gender spectrum. She also worked with Shiloh Sophia, the founder of Intentional Creativity, to create her first online courses, which started a very successful year-round online university. Califa loves the collaborative aspect of media-making and thrives in team environments.

Jacob Witsch

Cinematographer + Editor


Jake has a passion for movies and media. As a kid he was fortunate enough to have a neighbor who owned a video store and would constantly borrow VHS screeners. He devoured all the 80’s movies and TV that he could and grew to have a deep affection for horror and kitsch. Him and his friends would make homemade movies as kids and screen them for the neighborhood. Jake focused on art history and film studies as an undergraduate at Sonoma State University and post-graduation moved onto an intensive digital film production program at The Berkeley Digital Film Institute in Berkeley, California, where he learned all the tools needed to make independent film. Since then Jake has been involved in various film and media projects, and had projects screened nationally and internationally. Jake has worn many hats ranging from directing music videos, commercial set design, lighting, and sound, to cinematography and acting. Digital Filmmaking has taken Jake all over California and as far as Tibet for projects.

Califa + Jacob’s films have screened at Film Festivals internationally.


Social Media. Web Content. Fundraising Videos. Music Videos. Educational Videos.